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U.S. Reservation Sale At Fort Smith, Ark.

April 12, 1894

440 Lots 50X140 Feet, near Center of City, bound by Act of Congress to be sold in Single Lots at Auction, without reserve or limit.

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Why An Investment in Fort Smith Now Will Be Safe And Profitable

It's geographical position is unsurpassed — 150 miles from any town one-fourth its size, and 300 miles from any large city. Ideal climate, higher altitude than St. Louis, and is the natural gateway to the Indian Territory. It is the center of the world-beating fruit country, the most extensive coal field in the United States, vast beds of iron, antimony and a supply of manganese that equals four times the amount found in the rest of the world.

It did not have a business failure during the panicky year of 1893, and its banks were not affected at all.

It is the only place on the A.T. & S.F.R.R. system that made a material increase in its business in 1893 over 1892. It increased 20 per cent. The Missouri Pacific receipts at this place for the four months ending February 1st, 1894, were $25,000 more than the corresponding period of previous year.

Of all points reached by the Wells-Fargo Express Company, only two made an increase in business in 1893 over 1892, and only one a material increase, that one being in Fort Smith, which increased 25 per cent, and the Pacific Express Company's business here shows an increase of 25 per cent during the hard year of 1893.

Our merchants, manufacturers and banks are more prosperous than those of any city you can name, and there is more money per capita around than in any other vicinity.

The Fort Smith Post Office receipts of 1893 were 12 percent more than in 1892.

—— J.A. Hoffman, Mayor