Davis Woolf Goldstein

A founding member of Cooper Clinic, Davis Woolf Goldstein was born Sept. 14, 1888, in Greenville, Miss. He studied medicine at Tulane University and the University of Tennessee. No resident training existed for the specialty, dermatology, in which he became interested. After completing a residency in Memphis, Goldstein studied in Vienna and London.

In 1913, he moved to Fort Smith and practiced here until World War I broke out. When the United States entered the war, Goldstein volunteered and served as an army surgeon.

On his return to Fort Smith, he joined Dr. St. Cloud Cooper in the founding of the clinic. He retired from work as a physician on Feb. 1, 1969.

Goldstein was active in the community in a variety of capacities: chairman of the Sebastian County Department of Public Welfare and an advisor to the local health department in the management of venereal disease problems at Camp Chaffee among others.

Perhaps his most important memorial is the donation of materials for the establishment of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences library and an endowment for the library and for medical research.

Dr. Goldstein was married to Florence Pahotski in 1917 and following her death in 1973, he married Leona Farber Heilbron.

Source: Martin, Amelia Whitaker, "Physicians and Medicine, Crawford and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas, 1817-1976," Sebastian County Medical Society, 1977.