Herman Baer

Herman Baer came to this city in 1853 when he immigrated to America with his family. He was 14. When Arkansas seceded from the Union in 1861, he was in New York City on business. To return to Fort Smith, he had to make his way from Matamoros, Mexico on muleback. Along with Bernard Baer, he served in Company C of the Confederate, 22nd Regiment Arkansas Infantry and played in its military band.

Along with Bernard Baer, he formed a wholesale business, B. Baer & Co., that was located at Second Street and Garrison Avenue. A director of the First National Bank, he also had large real estate holdings throughout the city. He "was known for his sturdy manhood, conservative business ability, unfailing kindness," according to the Times Record. His residence at his death was at 223 North Seventh Street.

Baer was a member of the Confederate Veterans and the Belle Point Masonic Lodge.

Source: Herman Baer, Pioneer Merchant And Good Citizen, Passed Away," Fort Smith Times Record, May 15, 1913, p. 1.