The Harem Skirt Doesn't Scar'em

Reprint: Times Record, May 23, 1911, p.2

It has arrived at last, and it has created a commotion.

By"It," the harem skirt is meant.

It appeared on the street this morning, with a good looking girl inside it. Whether it was admired or not it certainly attracted attention and a large crowd was soon in its wake. The crowd followed it to breakfast at an uptown restaurant and waited around the door anxiously for it to reappear. Along appeared the mayor and, as is his wont, he attempted to disperse the unlawful gathering, but on discovering the cause of it, he suddenly felt weak and went inside for a cup of coffee.

Gray-haired men espied it going down Garrison Avenue and were immediately taken ill and had to step down to the drug store, but it was noticed they always went to a drug store that caused them to get in line with the girl in the harem skirt.

Nothing seen on Garrison Avenue in a long time has caused so much attention. Every one was asking who the woman was and what she's advertising. She is a member of the Hastings Stock Co. appearing at the Auditorium and there are five women in the company who wear the new skirts. Ladies, whose husbands have urgent business or lodge meetings to call them downtown evenings this week will know where to find them should they be needed at home.