Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of the
                                        Fort Smith Historical Society, Inc. 

The Fort Smith Historical Society, Inc. held its regular quarterly meeting on Thursday, April 15, 2010, immediately following presentation of the annual Frontier Achievement Awards.  President Al Whitson called the meeting to order. 

Darrel Cunningham of the Fort Smith Community Foundation presented a check in the amount of $500 from the Walton Foundation for the Society’s work. 

Carole Barger introduced Velda Brotherton, who has written extensively about the Boston Mountain area.  Velda discussed her books, “Boston Mountains, Lost in the Ozarks” and “Arkansas Meals and Memories.” 

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  Treasurer Nancy Ciulla reported that we have  $32,246.09 in checking/savings and total assets of $54,821.01.   Wincie Hendricks reported that we now have 431 members and that the joint membership category is very successful. 

There is a new Facebook page on Fort Smith history called “If you’ve ever lived in Fort Smith” and several members of the Society are quite active on it. 

Carole Barger announced a gift of $10,000 from the Griffin Family Charitable Trust to the Fort Smith Historical Society’s oral history project for the construction of a theater in the Fort Smith Museum of History to be used for viewing oral history videos.  Work is being done to develop a plan for this theater and for the video presentations to be used. 

Al Whitson announced that the Journal of the Fort Smith Historical Society was chosen by a vote of the Committee on Awards of the Arkansas Historical Association for the Walter L. Brown Award for Best County or Local Journal published in 2009.  This award was given for the Vol. 33, issues #1 and 2, of 2009.  Not only did we receive this certificate for the award, but also there was a cash prize of $100 along with it.  We are quite proud, and do so appreciate this honor. 

Nancy Ciulla asked for volunteers to help with cleaning up our storage area in a building at Fort Chaffee.  Al Whitson requested that Nancy choose a date so that he could notify members. 

Carole Barger and Joe Wasson are planning a conference for the veterans who have taken part in the oral history project.  The conference is planned for Sunday, May 30, from one to four in the conference room at the main library.  Volunteers are needed to act as hosts and to provide refreshments.  Those who responded were Jimmy and Nancy Ciulla, Calline Ellis, Jerry Akins and Joanne Swafford. 

Jerry Hendricks presented the slate of board members and introduced a new board member, Keri Powers.  Keri graduated in May with a Bachelors degree in Historical Interpretation from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.  Jerry Akins moved and Jimmy Ciulla seconded  to accept the slate of board candidates. 

Al Whitson asked members to consider an amendment to our bylaws making it possible for the Executive Board to establish an endowment or charitable fund for the purpose of allowing interested individuals, families and other entities to make charitable contributions to the Society, and allowing the Executive Board to further designate an administrator or administrators with the powers to enter into all necessary agreements on behalf of the Society for the purpose of ensuring the successful management of such endowments or charitable funds.  The motion was made by Wincie Hendricks and seconded by Carole Barger to so amend our bylaws.  The motion carried. 

There was a discussion of opening a second checking account for the Society to use with the Oral History Project Theater Fund.  Carole Barger moved, and Jimmy Ciulla seconded, that we open a special account for this purpose.  The motion carried 12 to 4.

The general membership meeting was adjourned and was followed by an Executive Board meeting to elect officers for the coming year.  The following slate passed unanimously:

 Al Whitson, President
Jo Ann Campbell, Recording Secretary
Calline Ellis, Corresponding Secretary
Wincie Hendricks, Membership Chairman
Nancy Ciulla, Treasurer


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Carole Barger and Jo Ann Campbell

Robert Morgan                                   
Joanne SwaffordJerry Akins                                         
Keri Powers
Sarah Thompson 
Chloe Lamon
Leigh Merry
Phil Merry
Mike Alsup
Lisa Alsup
Bill Kirk
Stacy Lamon
Phil White
Kim White
Nancy Ciulla
Jimmy Ciulla
Jerry Hendricks
Wincie Hendricks
Amanda  ?
Joseph Meadows
Monica Meadows
Becky Meadows
Carole Barger
Jim Spears
Ray Baker
Al Whitson
Jo Ann Campbell
Tonya Nkokheli
Baridi Nkokheli





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